What is Atlantica?

What is Atlantica?

Atlantica is a NAFTA-style “free trade” zone that includes: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Upstate New York, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, & Newfoundland.

Atlantica’s motto is “Business Without Borders.”

Atlantica would take power from local communities and give it to big money corporations.

Locally-made decisions like bans on spreading toxic sludge, bans on burning toxic waste, protections from liquid natural gas operations, and limits on commercial water extraction could all be eliminated by Atlantica, if local decisions are considered a barrierto profit for big business.

Funding for Atlantica could come from:
– Increased taxes
– Reduction or elimination of minimum wage
– Cuts in funding for things like Public Transportation and Health Care
– Privatization of Public Places and Public Services

Atlantica has a goal of Increasing Infrastructure.

Increased infrastructure could mean new highways bulldozed through people’s land, like the proposed private East-West Highway, new Super-Ports that could harm local fisheries, new oil pipelines, new prisons, new nuclear power plants, and new dumps and incinerators.

The increased infrastructure could allow corporations to:
– Export massive amounts of “Natural Resources” like Water, Trees, Fish, and Gravel overseas to Asia
– Sue towns, cities, and states for lost profits resulting from local laws and ordinances considered to be a “barrier” to big business operations
– Eliminate more Jobs by Mechanization and Outsourcing
– Import more Stuff that other places don’t want, like Toxic Trash.

Atlantica benefits big business at the expense of small business, small farms, the environment, health, democracy, and local communities.


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