Atlantica Questionaire


On September 15 & 16, Maine Governor John Baldacci is hosting the New England Governor’s Council and Eastern Canadian Premiers for a private meeting at the exclusive Bar Harbor Club.

This group of Publicly-Funded, Public Servants will be discussing the future of the region we live in.

Much of what they’ll discuss could lay the foundation for Atlantica,
a NAFTA-like “free trade” zone that would include all the land in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Upstate New York, Eastern Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

If you think these Public Servants should hear from the Public they’re supposed to serve
about the issues they’ll be discussing and making agreements on, come to Bar Harbor and speak out.

If you can’t make it, you can reply to this questionnaire, and your comments will be read at a
Public Hearing in Bar Harbor and used in future discussions on these problems.

Please include as much or as little info about yourself and where you’re from as you want.
Please include contact info if you want to continue to receive updates on Atlantica.
Attach extra paper if needed and return to:
Maine Independent Media Center, PO Box 1444, Waterville, Maine, 04903
or reply via email to: hillary (at)


1. Do you think local communities should have the right to vote on and enforce local laws and ordinances necessary to protect their water, air, land, and health,
even if these ordinances would prevent some proposed business operations?

2. Do you think local communities should be able to place reasonable limits or bans on sludge spreading, waste incineration, genetically engineered organisms, commercial water extraction, mining, clearcutting, toxic chemicals, liquid natural gas operations, or other threats?

3. Do you think corporations should be able to sue towns, cities, states, and provinces for lost profits if the communities have ordinances that the corporation claims are a barrier to profit?

4. What do you think the region should promote for:

– Transportation?

– Electricity Generation?

– Economic Development?

5. Do you think the minimum wage should be frozen at current levels?
Should be eliminated?
Should there be a maximum wage?

Atlantica Questionnaire

6. Do you think that health care and education should be turned over to for-profit corporations?

7. Do you think new ports need to be built and waterways dredged to accommodate super-size cargo ships?

8. Do you think weight limits on the region’s roads should be increased to allow truck trains hauling
2 to 3 trailers? If so, who should pay for the road maintenance?

9. Do you think a private East-West toll highway should be built across the region?

10. Do you think dumps should be built and expanded, and new incinerators started in your area?

11. Do you think trash from other states and countries should be shipped to this region for disposal?

12. Do you think new power plants, including nuclear plants, should be built in your area?
13. Do you think rural areas of this region should be responsible for producing electricity to be exported to urban areas?
14. Do you think new oil drilling operations should be built in your area?
15. Do you think new liquid natural gas operations should be built in your area?
16. Do you think new pipelines should be built across this region?
17. Do you think genetically-engineered tree plantations should be allowed in this region?
18. Do you think that the Public should be part of this decision-making process?

19. Do you think that the Public has been adequately included in these decisions?

20. What do you think about Plan Atlantica?

21. What is your vision for the future of the community you live in?

22. Any other thoughts, questions, ideas?

More info: | | | |
Maine Independent Media Center, PO Box 1444, Waterville, Maine, 04903 | 207-649-5980


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