Why Oppose the East West Highway?

Why Oppose the East West Highway?

The idea of an east-west highway, spanning Maine’s girth like an asphalt belt from Calais to Coburn Gore, has been around in different forms for decades. But after years of study, proposals and “what-ifs,” the idea has gained new energy. Cianbro wants to build a private tolls road paving over large parts of Maine’s wilderness.

This is a proposal that will divide communities, destroy the environment and make parts of rural Maine look like anywhere, usa. The project is linked to the development of Liquid Natural Gas Terminals, Deep Water Ports, Plum Creeks disgusting development, and the deep integration of Atlantica that places our environmental and social protections at risk. Furthermore, it creates a private roard across Maine – infrastructure to support the death trap that is our fossil fuel economy.

Other Reasons to Fight the East-West Highway

Why the East-West Highway should be blocked:

* The rural beauty of Western, Central and Eastern Maine would be destroyed. Sprawl would become rampant and developments would take over the landscape.
The pollution would overwhelm our fragile ecology and result in an increase of health problems.

* The loss of taxable land would increase the burden on local residents. Homes and businesses would be destroyed, entire communities displaced by asphalt.

* Building four-lane, limited access highways in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont to rural areas have never resulted in the increase of jobs or economy as promised by their proponents. Instead, the opposite has occurred, resulting in “rural flight” to urban areas.

* The East-West Highway would be built to benefit Canadian traffic – particularly trucks – traveling to and from the Maritimes. Maine was bisected seventy-five years ago by a Canadian rail line that was built to divert Mid-West grain traffic away from Maine ports. The highway will cost
Maine jobs, not create them.

* The railroad is a much more efficient and less polluting means of moving freight. Maine is crisscrossed by rail lines, many of which go unused – let’s utilize them for moving both freight and people.

* The Eastland Woolen Mill, Kimberly Clark paper mill, Striar Textile mill, Tree-Free paper mill, Etonic Shoe plant, Hathaway Shirt, Cascade Woolen Mill and now Great Northern Paper mill have all shut down in the last five years, and were all near I-95. What good did a four lane, limited access highway do them?

Adopted from http://www.east-westhighway.com/


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