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East-west highway gaining traction? (Press Herald)

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East-west highway gaining traction?



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A new route across the state has been talked about for decades, but this time around, a number factors could make it happen.
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Lincoln Paper and Tissue puts 150 tractor-trailers on the road each
week, down I-95 through Bangor, Augusta, Portland, Kittery and over the
New Hampshire line.

“Everything that we manufacture leaves the state of Maine,” said
Keith Van Scotter, president and chief executive officer. “It’s not
like we can pick up our mill and move it. If the cost of energy and
everything else gets to be so bad, then we’re dead. It’s a big deal for

Half the trucks travel to customers in New England and the
Mid-Atlantic, the others to the Upper Midwest. They all have to leave
the state the same way, down the interstate pipeline.

But what if the Midwest-bound trucks could drive down to the Bangor area and hook a right onto a four-lane highway heading west?

“That’s a bonanza,” said Van Scotter.

The idea of an east-west highway, spanning Maine’s girth like an
asphalt belt from Calais to Coburn Gore, has been around in different
forms for decades. But after years of study, proposals and “what-ifs,”
the idea has gained new energy.

The development of a Nova Scotia deepwater port almost 400 miles to
the east, increased and paralyzing congestion along established North
American trade routes, and a plan to build the east-west highway as a
private toll road – rather than a public project – are all factors.