Are you interested in organizing against the proposed trade region known as ‘Atlantica’?


Are you interested in organizing against the proposed trade region known as ‘Atlantica’?



Fact Sheet on Atlantica

Resisting Atlantica Newsletter: Issue No. 1 – Summer 2006

The Narco News Bulletin


Currently, there’s not much being done in the states to organize against Atlantica. A major reason for this has been a total lack of mainstream media coverage. Our first course of action should be to get the word out about this disastrous proposal. Creating public resistance is difficult when the people aren’t provided with the materials to educate themselves.

An idea that came up at a recent assembly was the creation of an Anti-Atlantica speaking/listening tour. Traveling the areas that will be most affected by Atlantica will allow us to host public forums to educate people on how they can take action against this NAFTA-like trade region. Major highway systems to distribute imports from Asian countries across our region will destroy forests, ecosystems, low-income public housing and public parks (to name just a few) from Albany, NY – through New England and across the proposed East – West highway in Maine – and through the Canadian province of New Brunswick to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Some of these highways have yet to be built – an important pressure point of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) – the architects and profiteers of the Atlantica bloc. We will travel these same areas and help build resistance against these Atlantica.

Atlantica is harmful to many areas of the public and private sectors, as well as to our environment. Our resistance can also take many forms: trade unions, teachers, nurses and doctors, commuters, manufacturers, public service workers, and students will all be negatively affected by Atlantica! We can collaborate to create speeches/presentations geared toward any of these groups (AND MANY MORE)!

If you’re interested in hosting an ‘Resist Atlantica’ presentation in your town, or are interested in getting more involved with the tour, let us know!


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